Inclusion at John Spence Community High School

We aim to ensure equality of access and opportunity for all students to make educational progress whatever their need:

  • SEN (Special Educational Needs)
  • EFL (English as a foreign language)
  • Refugees, Asylum seekers
  • Medical issues
  • CLA (Children Looked After)

To support these students’ social and academic progress, we have developed a range of student-centred strategies to ensure their individual needs are met. These include:

  • KS2/3 transition visits to familiarise students with new staff and new subjects
  • In class support to assist students in accessing the curriculum
  • Small group work to re-inforce literacy and numeracy skills and communication skills
  • Literacy withdrawal to improve literacy skills
  • Maths withdrawal to improve numeracy skills
  • Morning Skills for those who require handwriting/keyboard skills or who may be dyslexic
  • Individualised timetables in order to support withdrawl sessions and allow access to vacational options
  • Summer school for Key Stage 2 students transferring to High School
  • Learning Mentor Support

We also endeavour to ensure inclusion in a broader sense and have supported and organised the following activities:

  • Living for sport
  • Wanderers (football, basketball, netball, swimming, athletics)
  • Fundraising
  • OAP Carol singing
  • Independent travel programme

A range of after school activities also include:

  • Cookery
  • Gardening
  • Choir
  • Football
  • Homework provision

The Inclusion team staff are:

  • Mr A Purvis (SENDCO)
  • Mr A Greener (Student Support Centre Manager)
  • Ms Y Brookes (Inclusion Admin Support)
  • Mr S Fullard (Learning Mentor)
  • Mrs H Ridley (Learning Mentor)
  • Mrs Z Mason (Learning Mentor)
  • Mr R Allen (Support Assistant)
  • Mrs A Curry (Support Assistant)
  • Mr M Day (Support Assistant)
  • Mr A Downey (Support Assistant)
  • Ms B Reece (Support Assistant)
  • Mr D Grazzer (Support Assistant)
  • Ms N Jerry (Support Assistant)
  • Mrs J Hayward (Support Assistant)
  • Mrs G Johnson (Support Assistant)
  • Mrs S Lee (Support Assistant)
  • Ms A Hudson (Support Assistant)
  • Ms V Haswell (Support Assistant)
  • Ms F Wile (Support Assistant)