Gibber Theatre Group back at John Spence

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We were visited by our friends at Gibber Drama Group in late September. They are regular guests of ours and they can be relied upon to present a thought provoking, relevant and entertaining performance to our students.

This time, the show was Go Smarter and the theme of the production was ‘Promoting Sustainable Travel to School’. Essentially, it was about demonstrating to our Year Seven students that the car isn’t always the best way to travel to and from John Spence. There are a lot of alternatives.

The three members of the Gibber crew that worked with us on this particular afternoon were very funny and they conveyed their message extremely well through a mix of multimedia, music and interactive performance. Their rendition of ‘All About the Bus (Bass)’ was particularly excellent and it really engaged the children with what had the potential to be quite a dry topic.

Feedback from the students was very positive. They developed their awareness of the health benefits that walking or cycling to school can have and they also furthered their understanding of the social benefits that shared travel can bring. They also laughed a great deal – especially when Mrs Currie was ‘persuaded’ to join in the dancing on stage.

Gibber visit us once or twice a year and we are always delighted to host them. We’re already planning their next performance at John Spence.

Published: Wednesday, 14 Oct 2015

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