Healthy Eating Policy and School Dining

As a Specialist Sports College one of our main aims is to promote active lifestyles and healthy living. We want to minimise disruption to lessons caused by the consumption of unhealthy products. Research over the last few years has found that healthy eating habits can have a positive impact on learning and improve behaviour.

In September 2004 the school informed students that they would no longer be able to consume sweets, chocolate, crisps or fizzy drinks in classrooms, corridors, the playground or our sports areas. The impact of this change, and other initiatives, has been significant. From 2005 onwards the school has raised standards year upon year with annual improvement from 42% 5 A*-C in 2005 to 87% in 2009. In addition, there has also been a 25% drop in the number of students put on detention for poor behaviour.

We do believe that a dietary balance is provided through a wide variety of food and drink choices that meet all required government guidelines. We will always continue to monitor provision to ensure that your child has the opportunity to receive a wholesome and nutritious meal that will fuel their academic learning and sporting activity responsibly.

We also seek to reduce the amount of litter dropped on the yard and around the school premises. We want to give the students the best environment to learn in and by reducing litter we can go some way to do this.

We hope that you will support this policy and if your child has a packed lunch that you can give healthy options as part of a balanced meal. A bag of crisps, a fizzy drink or a chocolate bar must be eaten as part of this balanced meal and not separately at morning break or later in the lunch period. School staff will not inspect packed lunches as long as they are eaten in a sensible fashion, sat at tables, in the dining area.

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