Code of Conduct

At John Spence, we expect high standards of behaviour and work from all our students. We believe that students have the right to learn and teachers have a right to teach, free from any distractions.

Our Expectations are that all students should:

  • Arrive promptly for registrations and lessons
  • Be fully prepared for every lesson, including having a pen, pencil, ruler and any other items required
  • Move around in an orderly fashion and wait outside classrooms quietly
  • Enter classrooms and take their places in a similar manner
  • Remove outdoor clothing inside school
  • Conform to acceptable standards of behaviour, including politeness of speech to all, raising a hand when asking or answering a question and not interfering with fellow students
  • Refuse to take part in bullying or other hurtful behaviour
  • Not graffiti books or equipment - treat them with respect
  • Follow instructions and try their best
  • Complete all work set, including homework, promptly and properly