Business Studies

Business Studies, put quite simply is learning how different businesses work.

By learning about how they work, pupils can be better prepared for the world of work. It can also help them choose a career or decide which part or function of a business they would be interested in working in. By learning about the successes and failures of different businesses, pupils will be better prepared for setting up their own business: whether this is to help fund their university studies or a longer term vision. The course provides a great grounding for their further studies too, be it Vocational or A level.

Business Studies is a subject that is constantly changing, we discuss and use current issues in the Business and Economic world. During the course, pupils will investigate many types of businesses, from small sole traders, such as a window cleaner, to huge global companies like McDonalds.

Course Content
Business Studies is a bit like Lego. We can look at each individual block, its shape, size and colour. However, put them together and we can turn those blocks in many wonderful and different structures.

We look at the structure, mainly how to set up your own business: from spotting a gap in the market, where to locate your business and what type of business to set up. We then focus on the blocks, such as the success of a business will be affected by marketing and sales. Here we look at a variety of areas such as pricing strategies, competition and promotion. We link this to production or operations management. We study things like job, batch and flow production and the importance of customer service. We also cover the importance of treating employees well and how to motivate them. Finance affects whether a business will survive or not. We discuss terms such as costs and revenues, making budgets and how to analyse the accounts.

We would like to thank the many local and national companies that help during this course. From resources, competitions, visiting speakers and online web chats.

Should any business like to be involved in the course, please contact the school

The Business Studies staff are:

  • Mr A Etchells